Introducing Our 2017 Enterprise Gift Guide

This holiday season, give the gift of enterprise tech! Know a frustrated data scientist that can’t seem to get their models into production, or an overwhelmed security analyst that could use a hand understanding their staggering amounts of security data?


Bring a little joy into your fellow tech professional's life with enterprise tech sure to lift everybody’s spirit. See our solutions for every use case need at your Fortune 500 IT organization, based on our newest Work-Bench investments in 2017!


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For Your Favorite Compliance Officer

AI for Compliance


Merlon Intelligence

Your financial services organization is spending millions on compliance every year, with teams of AML/KYC analysts verifying each transaction, making lists, checking them twice, and trying to find out who’s naughty or nice.

Merlon applies sophisticated machine learning search and ranking technology to level up analysts’ workflow, helping them surface and highlight risks easier. Regulators know if you’ve been bad or good at monitoring suspicious activities, so give the gift of Merlon this year to accelerate your compliance and risk management goals.

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For Your Data-Driven Factory Operator

stability Score insights & analytics



You have too many data sources in your modern industrial environment from your scores of sensors and assets, but not enough real-time or historical insight to enable your human experts. Think about your people, not just your machines.

Alluvium combines hard data with your operators' knowledge to produce simple, real-time insights for stability on their Primer data analytics platform. After a year like 2017, we could all use a little stability.


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For That Collaborative Data Scientist

A Github & HEROku for Data Science



Empower your favorite data scientist by providing them with better tools for their job. Algorithmia gives data scientists access to 4000+ of the latest & greatest algorithms through their AI marketplace so that they can focus on solving your company’s biggest business problems.

Do they work with teams of data scientists? The more the merrier. Algorithmia’s enterprise AI product will allow them to share data science models and deploy them in production with security and monitoring. No more excruciating manual deployments and management - just the best tools, cost savings, and data discoveries.

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For that Innovative CISO

Intelligence-driven incident analysis and response platform


Uplevel Security

Are breaches keeping your favorite security professional up at night? Are long hours spent validating security alerts keeping them away from their family during the holidays? It’s time to focus on the right relationships.

Uplevel Security’s platform uses the power of graph analysis to help security pros centralize and contextualize security data for efficient and effective response. Uplevel your incident response program with a holistic picture of your organization’s threats, so that you can focus on what matters most this time of year.

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Tickets to the Premier Social Event of the Month in NYC

Network with the best of suits and hoodies


New York Enterprise Tech Meetup

Entering its 6th year, and with over 5,000 members - you're bound to meet a customer, a cofounder, or just fellow #nextgenterprisers to nerd out over the latest in machine learning/AI, cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, future of work, and IoT. Join us for New York's best empanadas and cold beers!

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